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Internet is a great tool which is used for keeping connection with the world and this thing is also used for improving business and doing job. Many people prefer to use internet always. Because they prefer to browse different websites and explore something new. It is very internet thing. Now all of the companies have websites. So, if you want to know anything about those companies, then you need an internet connection but the main problems when in the same home, you will find more people to use internet. In a single computer, many family members want to use internet in the same time. It is really annoying to think about giving priority to any specific member but they use a single router in the home, then they can spread internet connection and share internet connection with others.
You may have been thinking about the router brand or model. I suggest all of the users to buy popular brand routers. When you buy a router then you should think about the router rang and number of devices connection. If you want to use it for private or public use, then you need to think of that. Otherwise, you will face such problem. You can buy a D-Link or Netgear routers. Because those are world class brand. So, you can expect best performance from those routers. You can buy other brands router but make sure that those devices also give best performance. After purchasing the router, you have to think about the router setting which ensure the router security and Wi-Fi feature.
After buying the router, you need to unpack the box and then you should bring all of the things. In the router box, you will get a router manual and other papers. You should read all of those things. Because you need to know all of the instructions and the router default IP address, username and password. You should know settings of the router and you will get good instruction from the router manual. Many top brands routers use default IP address and use admin as username and password. You have to find the wireless setting area from the manual to know all about settings. You should remember wireLess settings.
Wireless setting of the router is very important thing and you need to start the process of setup after reading the router. I hope, you have read the router manual and collected all of the information and got instruction. You need to login to the router control panel for setup Wi-Fi and setup internet. You need to use a browser for login to the router and you have use the default IP address on the address bar of the router and hit enter button. Now you have to use username and password for login to the router. After login to the router, you have to check the home page where you will get Wizard tool which will help you to setup most of the major settings fast.
You should use the Wizard tool which is made for all of the users for setup the setting fast. You will not get any better tool than this tool. When you use this tool, then you have to click net button for one after another and you have to put some information what those are asked. You have to give information about router mode, internet type, setup or change the SSID network name and setup password. If you read the manual, then you do not need to worry. Because most of the manufactures provide clear instruction for its users as if all of the users feel comfort.
Wizard tool is better than the manual setting. Because it saves time. If you want to setup settings manually, then you have to be experts and you should have good knowledge on router and Wi-Fi. You have to spend more time for the router setting manually. That is why, you should use Wizard tool although you are an expert. In the router setting, you have to setup security for Wi-Fi and you have setup some information for router. For router security, you should change the default username and password. You should not change the default IP address.
Let’s think deep of the wireLess settings. Now you will notice the importance of the Wi-Fi security in the router manual. Because Wi-Fi is very vulnerable and easy to use. If your router is very powerful range, then the range may catch from the outside of the home or office area. You can change the router default username and password for securing the router and you do not need to change the default IP address You can change the default IP address for curing the IP confliction problem. Otherwise, you may face problem.
You can enable many features of the Wi-Fi security. It is primarily important to setup WAP2 and WEP features which secure your Wi-Fi. If you enable WAP2 and WEP, then it becomes difficult to hack your account. Many routers have some advanced system of the encrypted system for Wi-Fi security. You can enable those features. Some routers many come with advanced features for securing your router and Wi-Fi. You can know all of the information after reading the router manual. MAC filter is very old and power securing feature which you should enable for controlling all of the devices which are connected with your Wi-Fi connection. You can ban those devices to use your network.
Some more things of the router, you cannot ignore. Among those things, Firmware update comes first. You should read the router manual if you do not know much about router firmware update. If you update firmware, then you will get advanced security and its old bugs may be fixed. So, intruders will fail to login to the Wi-Fi and use your Wi-Fi connection. You do not need to change default IP address for Wi-Fi. But if you face IP confliction problem, then you have to change the IP address. Otherwise, keep the default IP address as it is.
As I am talking about Wi-Fi security here, then I should say something more about this. As if router users can secure more the Wi-Fi security. Do not keep the router near the Window or door. If you do so, then the router rang can be caught from outside. Keep the router away from microwave which is harmful for Wi-Fi signal. So, you cannot use Wi-Fi connection from your home of the micro woven. You can use extender if you want to extend the router range and you have to setup this from your router.
You need to use all of the default information like username, password and IP address If your router does not response properly or you are facing some other problem from the router, then you have to reset the router. When you press the router reset button, then your router’s all settings will go away. Then you have to use all default settings again and setup all settings.